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Michelle Pfeiffer Says She Would Have Done a Catwoman Movie ‘In a Heartbeat’

Photo: Warner Bros.

A new profile of Michelle Pfeiffer in the New York Times quietly delivers a small piece of crushing news. The actress says she’s doing well, thriving even, stating that she’s “enjoying [acting] now more than I ever have, actually,” but she also teases what could have been with her iconic turn as Catwoman in 1992’s Batman Returns. The Times directly asks Pfieffer about a dream all people of good conscience have had for decades, “Would you have done a Catwoman movie?” Her answer is exactly what the people want, and exactly what will make them shed a single tear at the missed opportunity. “Are you kidding me? In a heartbeat,” said Pfeiffer. “I loved that part. I felt like I was just getting comfortable and getting used to the claws and the mask, just figuring out how to move in all of that. There was a little bit of talk about that, then that kind of faded away.” So there it is. Michelle Pfeiffer getting a feature-length project on her Selina Kyle could have happened, but didn’t. Another piece of beautiful debris on the boulevard of broken dreams.

Michelle Pfeiffer Would’ve Done Catwoman Solo in a Heartbeat