Mila Kunis’s Donations to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s Name Causes Troll Backlash

After Mila Kunis revealed on Conan last week that she donates to Planned Parenthood monthly in Mike Pence’s name, counter-trolls have moved to retaliate. According to The Hollywood Reporter, several conservative Twitter users suggested that the vice-president’s supporters should boycott Jim Beam, a liquor brand Kunis is a spokesperson for. Others suggested making reoccurring donations to the anti-abortion organization National Right to Life in Kunis’s name.

During her appearance on Conan, the Bad Moms actress explained that she was not donating in Pence’s name as a “prank,” but instead as “a peaceful protest.” Kunis explained, “I disagreed with some of the stuff that Pence was doing and was trying to do. And so as a reminder that there are women out there in the world that may or may not agree with his platform I put him on a list of recurring donations.” As part of the donation, the conservative politician receives a “thank you” letter from the organization. In addition to Kunis’s contribution, the nonprofit has received at least 82,000 donations in Pence’s name as a reaction to the VP’s agenda.

Mila Kunis’s Planned Parenthood Donations Stir the Trolls