OK Go’s New ‘Obsession’ Video Will Give You Deep, Unholy Printer Envy

Look at all those printers go! No paper jams! No low-toner errors! No sobbing in the copy room because the printer says Load Paper and there is already paper in every tray — what does this printer want from you? OK Go has done it again. The group’s new stop-motion “Obsession” video has a bit of a Peter Gabriel vibe, but it appears paper is the new sledgehammer. Teaming up with paper company Double A, OK Go uses an alarming number of sheets and ink to print off a rainbow of vivid, ever-changing backgrounds. Spinning in the air while suspended from the ceiling in front of 567 powerful printers seems like a perfect way to die of paper cuts, but daring videos are what OK Go is all about. The video almost completely redeems printers, still somehow the most finicky technology we all use on a regular basis. Almost.

OK Go’s ‘Obsession’ Video Will Give You Deep Printer Envy