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Rebel Wilson Says She Endured Sexual Harassment From a Famous ‘Male Star’ and His Friends

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for AIF

Bravely adding her name to the overflowing list of women who are speaking out about their experiences of sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood, Rebel Wilson took to Twitter on Saturday morning to share two separate instances in which she endured harassment in the industry. The first, which occurred an unknown amount of years ago, involved a famous actor and his friends who requested that Wilson do something lewd with her body. “A male star, in a position of power asked me to go into a room with him and then asked me repeatedly to stick my finger up his ass. All whilst his male ‘friends’ tried to film the incident on their iPhones and laughed. I repeatedly said no and eventually got out of the room,” she said. “I called my agent immediately and my lawyer made a complaint with the studio — basically to protect myself that in the event something similar ever occurred I’d be able to walk out of the job and not obliged to return.” However, soon after the incident was reported, Wilson was “threatened” by one of the star’s representatives to “be nice and support” him and his career: “I refused. The whole thing was disgusting. I’ve told hundreds of people in the industry the story in more graphic detail basically to warn them off this individual.”

The second incident, which occurred earlier in Wilson’s career, involved a hotel-room encounter with a “top director” in Hollywood. Although no misconduct occurred, she believes the meeting would’ve unraveled into something far less professional. “I thought we were there to talk comedy. Nothing physical happened because the guy’s wife called and started abusing him over the phone for sleeping with actresses and luckily she was yelling so loud that I could hear her and I bolted out of there immediately,” she wrote. “I was so naive the thought of anything happening apart from ‘work talk’ didn’t even cross my mind.”

While Wilson didn’t indicate if she would be naming the men in her stories, she did promise she would “no longer be polite” if she witnessed this type of behavior ever again. As she concludes: “Interpret that as you will.”

Rebel Wilson Says She Was Sexually Harassed by Famous Actor