Ridley Scott Will Try to Convince You to Use Your Fax Machine Again

Ridley Scott. Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for SXSW

Remember when The Newsroom tried to convince you that a fax machine is a completely reasonable piece of technology to have bedside? Since that obviously didn’t work, maybe some insight from Ridley Scott will help make fax machines hip again (or at least not tucked away in an abandoned supply closet, next to that old MTV karaoke machine). In a Hollywood Reporter roundtable with Amy Pascal, Jason Blum, Eric Fellner, and Seth Rogen, Scott politely suggested that sending faxes is the way of the future: “I still use fax. Steve Jobs used fax,” he said, trying not to trip on the name he just dropped. “I still use fax because a fax — I receive the piece of paper, I write on it and fax it back, and it’s entirely confidential. Email is everywhere in a heartbeat. So I never put anything on email I’m going to be embarrassed about.” Maybe Scott’s next movie — All the Money in the World, starring Kevin Spacey — will feature some good IntelliFax-4100E spon-con.

Ridley Scott Wants You to Use Your Fax Machine Again