Rihanna Rapping on N.E.R.D’s First Song in 7 Years Is the Antidote to Everything

You were broken, but now you are mended. You were sad, but now you are jubilant. You didn’t have health care, but now — miraculously — you do, because you have just watched Rihanna and N.E.R.D’s video for the band’s first song in seven years, “Lemon.” The beat takes hold quickly as you watch Rih shave the head of a stunning woman (Pharrell’s incredible dancer Mette Towley) who stares into the camera but also into your soul. Then the emotional speeding train you’re now on goes over a cliff and takes magical flight as Ms. Robyn Fenty starts rapping while Towley moves her body in wonderful ways as she is soaked in purple and blue lighting. If there can be a specific feeling attached to watching and listening to “Lemon,” it is the action in this GIF.

Rihanna Rapping on N.E.R.D’s Big Return Will Heal You