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No. 1 Harmonizer Sam Smith Got to Set His Inner Woman on Fire With Fifth Harmony on Carpool Karaoke

Sam Smith has a rather elaborate plan for his wedding. It’ll start with him in a coffin, he tells James Corden on Carpool Karaoke, with his guests mourning the death of Smith’s single life. There’ll be PowerPoints, the whole shebang. Then like a phoenix, Smith will rise and his guests will magically go from black to white attire. Here’s where the fun really begins: Smith then intends to walk down the aisle — sorry, strut down the aisle — in heels to Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” because he is their biggest fan and he’ll have now ascended into gay heaven. “When I hear them, I feel free. I feel alive. I feel like the woman in me is on fire,” he explains. And since this is Carpool Karaoke, the rehearsal dinner starts early with surprise back-seat guests Fifth Harmony. Let the fangirling commence.

Sam Smith Got to Duet With Fifth Harmony on Carpool Karaoke