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Samantha Bee Decries Hollywood’s ‘Perverts,’ Asks Alabama Voters to Do the Same With Moore

Samantha Bee, our feminist late-night leader and president of the Nasty Woman club, is tired of the strange excuses made by Roy Moore loyalists. But, then again, she never liked the conservative Alabama Senate candidate to begin with, even before the politician was accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct while they were teenagers and he was an adult man in his 30s. “It’s easy to condemn somebody else’s predator, but it’s harder when it’s your own critically acclaimed pervert,” Bee said on Full Frontal, before panning to a picture of Louis C.K. She added, “Each community needs to kick out its own creeps. Whether that’s politics, entertainment, or whatever the fuck you call Steven Seagal’s profession.” She ended the segment by imploring Alabamians to speak up against Moore at the polls. “Prove that your lovely state is better than liberal, sex-crazed Hollywood,” Bee said. “Please prove all of us Yankee assholes wrong about you.”

Samantha Bee Asks Alabama to Vote Against Roy Moore