Samantha Bee on Roy Moore, Louis C.K., and Sexual Predators: “Each Community Has to Kick Out Their Own Creeps”

Here’s a clip from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee explores how Republicans have responded to the allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore as well as the voters who still support him despite the mounting evidence against him. Then, unlike most late night hosts, Bee shows how the Roy Moore story relates to predators in her own industry like Louis C.K.: “This isn’t just an Alabama problem, it’s a human problem. It’s easy to condemn someone else’s predator, but it’s harder when it’s your own critically acclaimed pervert. I can scream about Roy Moore all day – and I have – but it won’t matter if his own neighbors keep making excuses for him,” Bee says. “Each community has to kick out their own creeps. That applies whether you’re in politics, entertainment, or whatever the fuck you call Steven Seagal’s profession.”

Samantha Bee on Roy Moore, Louis C.K., and Sexual […]