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SNL Lets Sarah Huckabee Sanders Blow Off Some Steam With a Sexy Pop-Music Video

Look, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is tired. She’s tired of fielding unfair and tricky questions from that ragtag group of White House correspondents; she’s tired of comparing former campaign managers to carnies passing through town; and frankly, she might be tired of herself. So cue the music! SNL is finally giving her a little break — albeit one that comes in a few short vignettes — so she can prance around to the tune of a very popular Demi Lovato song. “I used to hold my freak back, now I’m letting go!” she croons. “I make my own choice, bitch I run this show!” she harmonizes. She just has to remember to shield a framed photo of her dad and she’s good to go.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets a Sexy Music Video on SNL