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A Bunch of Disruptive Cats Wreaked Very Cute Havoc in This SNL Sketch

Honestly, we could’ve listened to Kate McKinnon and Tiffany Haddish recite lines like “a cat is an angel that will bite through your jeans” and “I got the pussy!” all day long, but we’re not here to discuss these purrrfect ladies at the moment. Because a bunch of cute, cuddly, but unruly felines decided to steal the show during the duo’s “Whiskers R We” SNL sketch last night, as those fluff balls decided to stage a coup together and try to escape from their Studio 8H pen. And that’s not even including the ugly Sphynx cat who chose to claw at McKinnon’s face. The things people do for comedy!

Some Disruptive Cats Nearly Ruined This SNL Sketch