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Watch Millie Bobby Brown Rap Her Recap of Stranger Things Season One

If you’ve been delaying watching Stranger Things 2 because you forgot what happened in the first season of the Netflix series, let Eleven herself break it down for you. Instead of trick-or-treating, Millie Bobby Brown stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Halloween to perform an original rap about the show’s sensational beginnings. The 13-year-old star covered all the important details: the setting (Indiana, circa 1983), the main characters (four boys in the basement playing D&D), a Who’s Who in the Upside Down (Barb, Will, herself), and a certain character’s passion for Eggo waffles. Really, it’s a lot about the Eggos, but who can blame her for not being able to l’eggo?

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See Millie Bobby Brown Rap About Stranger Things Season 1