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Seth Meyers Thinks Trump’s Proposed Tax Bill Proves the President Can Only Think in Chants

In his latest Closer Look segment, Late Night host Seth Meyers discussed Trump’s proposed tax plan and the president’s response to the terror attack in Manhattan, noting how the president is becoming increasingly authoritarian and likely knows nothing. Meyers points to Trump’s usual behavior of lying and and describing basic legislature procedures, as the president claims his tax cut will be the “biggest” and “most beautiful” tax cut plan ever – the former of which is false, while the latter is just subjective – while then describing how both the House and the Senate will devise tax bills – which is what always happens. Trump even wanted to name the bill “The Cut Cut Cut Act” which caused Meyers to posit, “The president is so adult he can only think in chants.” Finally, the Late Night host wondered if when Trump vaguely threatens terrorists with draconian punishments of “who knows” what caliber, maybe the president is genuinely asking, “Who knows?”

Seth Meyers Says Trump Can Only Think in Chants