SNL Pulls Creepy Safelite AutoGlass Sketch From Reruns and YouTube

Photo: NBC

If you happened to watch Saturday’s SNL rerun with your extended family (consensus: Parents love Pete Davidson!), you may or may not have noticed a slight change to the running order of the episode, which first aired October 7 and featured Gal Gadot as host. The sketch “Safelite,” which starred Beck Bennett as Safelite AutoGlass windshield repairman Ken, was missing. In its place was a sketch previously cut for time, a musical number by the name of “The Last Fry” featuring Bennett and Kyle Mooney. And while it was great to see a Mooney sketch make it to air, a quick peek online reveals that, not only was “Safelite” pulled from the rerun, it’s also been removed from Hulu and YouTube.

While neither NBC nor the show has commented on the change, Safelite AutoGlass was itself extremely not amused by the sketch at the time, taking to Twitter to voice their disapproval that a Safelite AutoGlass parody would depict one of their repair men repeatedly smashing a woman’s windshield in order to hit on her teenaged daughter. “Although we can take a joke, this one was a step too far. Our techs are our heroes,” the company tweeted the next day. On Monday, Safelite told Decider, “When the SNL sketch featuring Safelite first aired, we expressed our disappointment with how it negatively portrayed our people. It was SNL’s decision to remove the content, and they have not shared their reasons behind that decision.” Fry companies, meanwhile, are presumably really into the decision.

SNL Pulls Safelite Sketch From Reruns and YouTube