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Tiffany Haddish Has One Very Specific Compliment for Donald Trump During Her SNL Monologue

Human ray of sunshine Tiffany Haddish hosted SNL last night with the help of her favorite Alexander McQueen dress, which she guesses she’ll be buried in “if” she ever decides to die one day. (She doesn’t expect to.) But between her funny musings about men randomly whipping out their penises and not getting her Girls Trip money yet, Haddish wanted to share a nice thought about President Donald Trump, which goes back to hanging at her local beauty shop with her friends. “We were saying, Dang, who’s doing Donald Trump’s wigs? His lace fronts are off the chain! His hair is looking so good since he became president,” she explained. “What kind of glue is he using? Because when the wind blows, it don’t even move or nothing. That’s good hair right there.” Well, Trumpy? Which glue?

Tiffany Haddish Compliments Trump in SNL Monologue