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Stephen Colbert on Charlie Rose Sexual-Harassment Allegations: ‘It’s a Terrible Abuse of Power’

“If allegations of harassment were weather,” Stephen Colbert began his monologue last night, “this is hurricane season right now.” Colbert carved out a portion of his introduction to discuss the sexual-harassment allegations against Charlie Rose, who has now been suspended by CBS. While Colbert went in depth with CBS This Morning’s Gayle King later in the show, he took a humorous approach in his monologue, joking about Rose’s trademark back rubs, which were nicknamed “the crusty paw,” and pointing out how all powerful men tend to make the same moves in bathrobes. “What is it with the robes? First Cosby, then Weinstein, the Charlie Rose, what’s next, Yoda?” Disappoint us, Yoda, please don’t.

Stephen Colbert Addresses the Charlie Rose Allegations