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Suits Creator Says Decision to Write Meghan Markle Off the Show Was a ‘Gamble’ on Her Relationship With Prince Harry

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

In news that sounds sweet until you think about it for two seconds, Suits creator Aaron Korsh now says the decision to write Meghan Markle off the USA Network show was made months ago, in anticipation of the actress’s hypothetical engagement to Prince Harry and potent exit from the series. “I knew from a year ago that this relationship was burgeoning,” he explained on BBC Radio 4’s Today show. “And I had a decision to make because I didn’t want to intrude and ask her, ‘Hey, what’s going on and what are you going to do?’ So collectively with the writers, we decided to take a gamble that these two people were in love and it was going to work out.”

Fortunately for them, their attempt at romantic soothsaying paid off; Markle decided to bow out of the show in anticipation of her upcoming (royal) familial duties. Explained Korsh, “What we decided to do (was to) say, ‘Look, I would rather have good things happen to Meghan in her life,’ which would likely mean her leaving the show. So let’s plan on that and it’s much easier to undo that, if it came to it, than to just plan on her staying forever and then finding out she’s going to go.” In the end, hedging their bets worked out for everybody, though the idea that one’s co-workers had to narratively anticipate the success of their dating life is enough to make a single person’s blood run ice-cold.

Suits Creator Wrote Off Meghan Markle As a ‘Gamble’