Taylor Swift Interrupts Your TGIT Viewing to Perform New Song ‘New Year’s Day’

We’ve already heard four songs from Taylor Swift’s new album, but what’s one more? With just hours to go until Reputation’s big release, Swift has premiered the new song “New Year’s Day” with a performance that aired on ABC during its Shonda Rhimes TGIT block. Swift sang the ballad on her home piano, surrounded by her fans, some candlelight, and the sea. (It was likely taped during one of her fan-only listening parties.) So grab a glass of wine, press play, and pretend you’re in that living room with Swift’s cat Meredith — named after Ellen Pompeo’s Grey’s Anatomy character, because Swift’s TGIT love runs deep — getting a private show.

Taylor Swift Performs New Song ‘New Year’s Day’ During TGIT