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The Creators of American Vandal Think It’s Pretty Obvious Who Drew the Dicks

Photo: Tyler Golden/Netflix

Obvious spoilers ahead.

When the first trailer for the Netflix series American Vandal came out, it posed one central question: Who drew the dicks? But after four hours spent exploring the great caper of Hanover High, many felt the answer — or lack thereof — didn’t provide a sufficient amount of resolution. Some viewers still wonder: Who drew the dicks? But when asked at Vulture Festival L.A. on Sunday about whether or not Vandal fans should know who the culprit truly is, showrunner Dan Lagana declared: “Absolutely! It’s so funny how that drove us crazy. People were like, ‘You’re not gonna tell us who did it?’ We feel like we told you exactly who did it, and then just had Peter (Tyler Alvarez) have a moral compass at the end, saying, ‘If I didn’t have hard evidence, me definitively saying who did it on camera in my doc would make me no better than the school system — but I have my theory!’ It’s like, that’s his theory! That’s who did it!”

As Vulture’s Jen Chaney said in her final post for the series: “We all pretty much know who did the dicks: Christa Carlyle.” But even people close to the cast and crew weren’t sure. As star Jimmy Tatro said, “I have some pissed off friends that hit me up afterwards: ‘Who did it man?!’ I’m like, ‘Did you watch the whole thing?’ ‘Well, yeah.’ ‘Then you should know!’” And when asked if they were all 100 percent certain of who the dick-drawer really was, Tatro, Lagana, Alvarez, and creators Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda all agreed that, yes, they were sure. But they still love the fan theories they’ve come across — namely Peter and Sam Ecklund; the elusive Pat Micklewaite in consort with Christa; and perhaps best of all, Ming Zhang with the janitor, since they bonded over that time Ming helped clean up after the food fight and maybe ended up as companions in crime.

But if you’re, like, 95 percent sure it was Christa, then accept that final 5 percent, because the answer was right in front of you.

The Creators of American Vandal Confirm Who Drew the Dicks