The Wine Show Season Two Is Coming to Hulu, and This Time It’s in France

What, you thought you would get only one season of handsome British men educating you about the joys of the vine? The Wine Show is coming back for a second season on Hulu starting on December 1, which will again feature the debonair Matthew Goode, with the addition of his new second-in-command, James Purefoy. (Who, yes, is also quite debonair.)

While the first season took place in Umbria, Italy, this time, the duo is off to a villa in the south of France to sample all of the finest du vin possible, which, per Hulu, will also involve “kayaking and caving in the Ardeche, rounding up bulls on horseback in the Camargue, baking in Lyon, and even cooking their own lunch in the sweltering kitchens of the legendary Palme d’Or restaurant in Cannes.” For all of you Matthew Rhys enthusiasts out there, don’t worry: The fellow Matthew will stay on as a Wine Show consultant, showing off the coolest wine gadgets from the comfort of jolly old London. We’re getting seven episodes of this, people! Le swoon!

The Wine Show Season Two Is Coming to Hulu