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Ben Affleck and J.J. Abrams Bring Jimmy Kimmel’s Preteen Comic Book to Life With This Very Silly Trailer

Jimmy Kimmel turned 50 on Monday, so it was only right that his most famous friends (and his most infamous enemy) got together to bring his childhood dreams to life. As a preteen, Kimmel created his own Kimmel Comics universe starring the “The Terrific Ten,” and J.J. Abrams has brought it to life, starring Billy Crudup as Color Kid, Zach Galifianakis as Super Duck, Shaquille O’Neal as Spire, Ty Burrell as Mirgiv, Will Arnett as Meinstrom, Jason Bateman as Bendolite, Jon Hamm as Lucky Lad, Cousin Sal as Super Sal, Jennifer Aniston as Laser Lass, Ben Affleck as Muscle Man, Matt Damon as the evil Dr. Bolt, and Wanda Sykes as his sidekick (a… box of bleach). Finally, the cinematic universe 2017 deserves.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Preteen Comic Book Fake Trailer