Learn How to Carve a Turkey by Watching Post Malone Carve Up Tons of People in His ‘Rockstar’ Video

Okay, don’t actually carve a turkey the way Post Malone carves up people in his “Rockstar” video. Your turkey, if you bought it frozen from the grocery store and not, like, from a kill-your-own-poultry farm, will hopefully be a lot less bloody. You also probably shouldn’t slice it with a sword, unless that’s your Thanksgiving party trick. Post Malone, though, he’s an assassin. And his weapon of choice is full samurai execution, as his and 21 Savage’s new video, a gory homage to 1973’s Lady Snowblood, goes to great pains to demonstrate. Is it all a metaphor for the killing he’s made on the charts — “Rockstar” has now sat at No. 1 on the Hot 100 for six weeks (after some initial trickery). Or maybe this is just what Thanksgiving dinner at the Post household looks like? Either way, best to save this one for after you’ve eaten.

Watch Post Malone and 21 Savage’s Bloody ‘Rockstar’ Video