Who Is Sam Clovis? Seth Meyers Investigates on ‘Late Night’

There are a lot of notable political stories that get buried these days thanks to the general insanity and incompetence of the Trump administration, so during last night’s Late Night, Seth Meyers decided to explore one of those issues: Trump’s nominee for the Department of Agriculture chief scientist Sam Clovis. “Of course, you may know him as the security guy in every sci-fi film who sees a spaceship and drops his flashlight,” Meyers says before recapping Clovis’s decision to take himself out of the running, his connections with George Papadopoulos, and the notable fact that he’s not a scientist and has no agricultural experience whatsoever. “But here’s the thing: Had these Russia connections with Clovis and the Trump campaign not come to light, it’s very possible he would still have made it to the hearing process, probably doing even more damage to the USDA. And there’s no reason to believe Trump will change course and nominate someone who is actually qualified.” Watch the full segment above.

Who Is Sam Clovis? Seth Meyers Investigates on ‘Late […]