89 Film and TV Moments That Capture 2017


In a year that was otherwise pure hot garbage, the movies and TV shows of 2017 shined as treasures within all the trash. From portentous social horror to blockbuster superhero stories to binge-worthy serials, here are 89 moments from film and TV that best capture the last 12 months onscreen.

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  1. ‘Foo’ or ‘Fool’? A Chat With the Cast of This Fool
  2. The Afterparty Cast Will Get That Edwin McCain Song Stuck in Your Head
  3. A Send-Off for Search Party
  4. Henry Winkler Demonstrates Why He’s a Better Acting Teacher than Gene Cousineau
  5. Taylor Garron and Chanel James Made a Whole Movie From Separate Homes
  6. Matthew Rhys Walks Us Through Getting Humped Off a Bed
  7. Sam Richardson Is Daddy and He Is Familiar (With Guns)
  8. Tom Stourton’s Face was Not Allowed to Play Edward Snowden
  9. Elijah Wood Is Just a Really Nice Guy, Honestly
  10. Michael Ian Black Owns a Robot Car
  11. Allow Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald to Convince You to Move to L.A.
89 Film and TV Moments That Capture 2017