Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp on ‘The Opposition’: ‘The Attack on Christmas Is Closer Than You Think’

Here’s a clip from last night’s The Opposition, where Jordan Klepper welcomes back Citizen Journalists Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp to warn conservative viewers that while Donald Trump has made some progress fighting against the war on Christmas, it’s not the time to let up, since there are still plenty of jealous foreign nations out there hellbent on attacking this sacred religious American holiday from every angle, including rainbow gay chocolate Santas from Germany and fake Christmas trees from China. Plus, Sharp accidentally reveals a big secret about Santa: “I heard that Santa is gay from one of my exes.” “Oh wait, which one?” Jackson asks. “Oh, the elf who made toys.” “Oh my God, he was so hot, but I hated how he treated you.” Watch the full segment above.

Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp on ‘The Opposition’: ‘The […]