all the money in the world

Somehow, the Kevin Spacey–less All the Money in the World Will Only Be Delayed 3 Days

Incredible. Photo: Sony Pictures.

It’s a Christmas miracle. Ridley Scott had been determined to complete All the Money in the World without Kevin Spacey in time to meet the original December 22 release date, and he’s nearly pulled it off. The film, starring Christopher Plummer as Spacey’s replacement for oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, will now be released on December 25. That means it’ll no longer have to compete with the big Christmas weekend releases Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Pitch Perfect 3, or The Greatest Showman. Scott had given himself just nine days to film the reshoots with Plummer, Michelle Williams, and Mark Wahlberg, following multiple sexual-misconduct allegations against the film’s original star, Spacey. They finished the reshoots only last Wednesday. To make his deadline, which Scott says even the studio doubted he could, he and his editor had been working nights to cut each day’s new footage while still in production. He even managed to push out a new trailer featuring Plummer last week. If there’s an Oscar for Best Work Under Pressure, it’s got Scott’s name on it.

All the Money in the World Will Only Be Delayed 3 Days