Black Mirror Season 4 Trailer: What a Terrifying World


Netflix’s dark, probably depressing Christmas present to you will arrive just a few days late. On December 29, Black Mirror season four will premiere on the site, bringing you six new tales from a dark future, including a Jodie Foster–directed episode and a Star Trek–like parody with Cristin Milioti and Jesse Plemons. Just think to yourself, what a terrifying world.

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  1. A Send-Off for Search Party
  2. Henry Winkler Demonstrates Why He’s a Better Acting Teacher than Gene Cousineau
  3. Taylor Garron and Chanel James Made a Whole Movie From Separate Homes
  4. Matthew Rhys Walks Us Through Getting Humped Off a Bed
  5. Sam Richardson Is Daddy and He Is Familiar (With Guns)
  6. Tom Stourton’s Face was Not Allowed to Play Edward Snowden
  7. Elijah Wood Is Just a Really Nice Guy, Honestly
  8. Michael Ian Black Owns a Robot Car
  9. Allow Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald to Convince You to Move to L.A.
  10. Meeting the Greatest Band You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard Of
Black Mirror Season 4 Trailer: What a Terrifying World