Kerry Washington, Chris Evans, and More Celebrities Celebrate Doug Jones’s Senate Victory: ‘Thank You, Alabama’

Doug Jones. Photo: Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call,Inc.

Doug Jones, a pro-choice Democrat, was victorious over accused pedophile Roy Moore for Alabama’s vacant Senate seat. It was a very good thing to happen in a year of very bad things (these bad things include but are not limited to: Geostorm, global politics, anything Donald Trump has tweeted, and the end of The Leftovers). Across the internet, celebrities lauded Jones’s win like everyone else: with Tweets thanking Alabama’s black women voters, who largely delivered this victory, according to polling data. From the gleeful — “I’m fuhREAKING out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” — to the snarky — “Donald Trump dude, this is SO embarrassing for u” — here’s how they reacted:

Celebrities React to Doug Jones’s Alabama Senate Victory