Check Out Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney’s Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch “New Year’s Kiss”

Another week, another Beck Bennett/Kyle Mooney sketch that Saturday Night Live sadly cut for time despite being weird and wonderful. This time around it’s a New Year’s Eve-themed sketch called “New Year’s Kiss” that serves as the perfect inspiration to avoid the crowds, skip all the parties, and stay home on December 31st this year where no one can ditch you. Dave Grohl’s cameo is also a reminder that even though he’s appeared on SNL many times as a musical guest, he’s never gotten the opportunity to host despite saying that it’s the last item on his bucket list – one that he surely deserves to cross off at some point. Making that happen would be a pretty solid New Year’s resolution if you’re looking for one, SNL.

Check Out Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney’s Cut ‘SNL’ […]