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Matt Smith Has the Perfect Actress in Mind to Play Meghan Markle on The Crown; Too Bad Claire Foy Disagrees

With season two of The Crown signed, sealed, delivered, and streamed, the most fun question to emerge for the upcoming seasons is simple: Who’s going to play everyone?! (Dreamcasting, baby!) We already have the venerable Olivia Colman taking over as Queen Elizabeth, and that’s it. But don’t worry: Current stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith have an idea about who should play everyone’s new favorite princess, Meghan Markle. It’s just a shame they can’t agree on it. “Who’s that singer? Who goes out with Justin Timberlake? No, Justin Bieber? Selena Gomez. She’s playing Meghan Markle,” Smith explained on Watch What Happens Live. “No she’s not,” Foy replied sharply. “No, she’s not.” She’s right. Markle should play herself.

The Crown Actors Argue About Who Should Play Meghan Markle