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Colbert Sings a Scathing Cowboy Ballad for Roy Moore and the Horse He Rode in On

After Democrat Doug Jones won the special Alabama Senate election on Tuesday night, it was time for Stephen Colbert to say good-bye to one of his favorite punching bags of the past month, Republican candidate Roy Moore. Singing in a cowboy manner befitting a song titled “The Legend of Roy Moore,” Colbert crooned, “Gather ‘round folks you’ll hear a song, a song of a candidate man / A man who rode across the land, touching teens with his hands.” The lyrics continue to touch on many of Moore’s more bizarre moments from throughout the campaign, and the sexual-misconduct allegations against him. If you want to sing along with the Late Show host, just follow the cowboy boot at the bottom of the video to learn all the words — it can be a new campfire favorite for years to come. Yee-haw!

Colbert Sings Scathing Cowboy Ballad About Roy Moore