Conner O’Malley’s Latest Video Features Jo Firestone, ISIS, and Premium Brands

It wouldn’t be right to close out 2017 without one more video from Conner O’Malley, and if you already saw his video from September where he wandered around Times Square dressed up as late ‘80s Dennis Miller, do yourself a favor and watch his latest offering, titled “Outlet Mall Special Ops,” that he released today. In the video, O’Malley plays a man named Scott Andrews who has taken it upon himself (thanks to some inspiration from the Benghazi movie) to protect the shoppers of an outlet mall near Kenosha, Wisconsin from ISIS, given that the outlets are apparently one of the terrorist group’s biggest targets. “I think he is a hero. He gives his life every day to the outlet malls, and no one thanks him!” says Scott’s former step-sister and current wife Janet, played by Jo Firestone. “Every day he tells me how grateful he is to the outlet malls, and how blessed he is to have access to its premium brands.” Scott and Janet are truly the unsung heroes America needs.

Conner O’Malley’s Latest Video Features Jo Firestone, […]