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Roseanne Has No Patience for Dan Romanticizing the Past in New Roseanne Teasers

The reboot of Roseanne is going all in. Not only will fans get both Beckys, but they’ll get Dan back, too! After one of the saddest TV finales maybe ever, the team behind Roseanne opted to pull a Will & Grace and just ignore their original ending entirely — because we now seek refuge in comfort TV and need it to soothe the blows coming at us from every other direction. In three new promos for the show, Roseanne pesters her husband about the rules of basketball, the amount of time he spends watching sports, and his annoying habit of hanging onto days past. Once something is gone, it’s gone forever, and he just needs to accept that, obviously.

Dan Is Stuck in the Past in New Roseanne Clips