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People Dislike Olaf’s Frozen Adventure So Much That Disney Is Reportedly Removing It From Theaters

Sorry, buddy.

Proving too much exposure to Frozen can indeed give someone hypothermia (or rather, extreme annoyance about an overly chipper snowman), Disney has reportedly decided to remove the critically loathed Olaf’s Frozen Adventure as a lead-in to its newest Pixar film, Coco. This report comes from Mashable, writing how Disney has directed theaters showing Coco to flat-out stop airing the short at all screenings beginning Friday, December 8: “The request from Disney also asks that theaters use the newly freed-up time to hold extra screenings of Coco each day.” The gripes about Olaf’s Frozen Adventure — which follows an affable chap of a snow creation as he, uh, has a holiday adventure of some kind — was steeped in the fact that the short was 21 minutes long, as opposed to other Disney shorts that usually hover around the ten-minute mark. Children would get restless! Parents would be confused! This isn’t what Josh Gad’s voice would have wanted!

Disney Is Axing Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Before Coco: Report