DJ Earworm’s 2017 United State of Pop Proves That Only One Song Mattered This Year

DJ Earworm’s annual review of the year in music has arrived and, in summary, only one song really existed this year. Yes, there are brief acknowledgements that other songs were technically released — he’s especially partial to Cardi B and Shawn Mendes — but nothing really rattled the cultural eardrum like this one song. And that track, of course, is Timothée Chalamet’s resurfaced rap about statistics! Fine, forgive us for dreaming. 2017 was the year of “Despacito,” as will be the rest of the decade, and in honor of its cross-cultural ubiquity, Earworm has dedicated the bulk of this year’s United State of Pop mash-up to it. “Despacito” is the brain, legs, and voice of the edit. Long live “Despacito!”

DJ Earworm’s 2017 Mash-up Is Basically ‘Despacito’ on Loop