Ed Helms and Stephen Colbert Have an Extremely Important Debate on ‘The Late Show’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert catches up with his old Daily Show friend Ed Helms ahead of his Comedy Central Fake News special airing next week. The two reignite an old debate they started during their days together on The Daily Show that they both have very strong and opposing views on: If you’re not sure whether or not a single-occupancy restroom is available, should you knock on the door or jiggle the handle? Helms is firmly Team Jiggle (“Why would you knock? Because then the person has to answer while poo is coming out of them”), while Colbert is Team Knock for life (“That jiggle sounds like the door’s about to open … And you panic, you pinch off the stream, and you can’t start again”). Considering how fiercely passionate Helms and Colbert are about their Knock vs. Jiggle opinions, it’s clear this debate between them will last as long as they’re both alive.

Ed Helms and Stephen Colbert Have an Extremely […]