Ed Sheeran to the James Bond Franchise: Please! Use This Theme Song I Wrote!

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Move over, Adele. You’ve had your 15 minutes of fame, Shirley Bassey. Because Ed Sheeran has a dream, and his dream is to usurp both of you as the greatest James Bond theme singer-songwriter in human history. Appearing on Ireland’s The Late Late Show, Sheeran revealed that he’s not only gunning for one of the coolest gigs in cinema and music, but he’s actually already written the song in question. “With Bond, I’ve had a theme tune written for about three years, just in case,” he said, admitting the franchise has yet to approach him about the opportunity. “But it’s good, it’s good.” Sheeran is also being coy about the song’s title, because, as he reckons, “Someone might steal it.”

What do you say, Barbara Broccoli? You know where to reach him.

Ed Sheeran Wrote James Bond Theme, Even Though Nobody Asked