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Alicia Vikander and Eva Green Quarrel in a Curiously Idyllic Countryside in the First Euphoria Trailer

In Euphoria, Swedish screenwriter and director Lisa Langseth’s moody English-language debut, Alicia Vikander and Eva Green star as estranged sisters who reunite and set off to a picturesque resort in the German Alps for what seems like a holiday. Welcomed by a serene Charlotte Rampling who leads them through glowing grounds, the mood darkens with a strange check-in (“Your leaving will take place six days from now”). Vikander’s character quickly becomes suspicious of the idyllic retreat: “What are you doing with these people?” she asks. The trailer continues with plenty of sister squabbles and one sort-of food fight. The film, which is Vikander’s first as a producer, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Euphoria Trailer: Alicia Vikander Is Wary of Idyllic Resort