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Family Guy Addresses Kevin Spacey: ‘He Was Gay the Whole Time!’

On Sunday’s Family Guy episode “Crimes and Meg’s Demeanor,” the show slid in a joke about Kevin Spacey coming out as a defense to a sexual-assault allegation from Anthony Rapp. When Meg and her friends go to a high-school party with strangers, she lands in everyone’s good graces when they discover she can flip beer bottles, à la the viral water-bottle challenge. “Wow, Meg’s so good at casually tossing bottles over her shoulder so they land upright,” a bro says. “What can I say, I’m full of surprises,” she replies. “Like the end of The Usual Suspects.” Cut to Meg and her parents watching the iconic sequence in which Spacey’s character loses his limp and walks normally, revealing himself to be the Bryan Singer movie’s antagonist. Peter gasps: “He was gay the whole time!” In October, Spacey’s defensive coming out was slammed by GLAAD and others in Hollywood. The Seth MacFarlane show has memorably called out other high-profile accused harassers in Hollywood like Brett Ratner, Charlie Rose, and another Spacey joke from 2005, courtesy of Stewie: “Help, I’ve escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement!

Family Guy’s Kevin Spacey Joke: ‘He Was Gay the Whole Time!’