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Start Your Holiday Week Off Right With This ‘Tiny Desk’ Christmas Concert From Hanson

In September, the brothers Hanson stopped by NPR to put on an utterly delightful Tiny Desk Concert. Since they put on such a lovely show and since they had a new Christmas album (Finally It’s Christmas) on the way, the folks of National Public Radio … invited them to just stick around and do another set. One hour later. Hanson heartily agreed, so now you can watch their Christmas-in-September mini-show, complete with decorations hurriedly assembled by staffers, and even appropriately themed ugly sweaters for two of the three men to wear. (Having three correctly fitting knit Christmas sweaters just lying around NPR in the off-season is a pretty big ask, so we will forgive Ike’s entirely not-festive black button-down shirt.) A pretty banner day for the folks of NPR, who probably never dared to dream they’d see two Hanson shows in a single afternoon.

Hanson Gets Festive for a Tiny Desk Christmas Concert