Jordan Klepper Risks His Life by Eating Trump’s 2,400-Calorie McDonald’s Order

Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski just released a book that reveals a fact about Trump that probably isn’t the best thing to process in the morning: Not only does our current president eat McDonald’s food regularly, but his go-to meal order – two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, and a chocolate milkshake – consists of over 2,400 calories. So it was only right that during last night’s The Opposition, Jordan Klepper tried out Trump’s McDonald’s order for himself while recapping the latest news in a segment called #MAGAMealChallenge. “To hell with your vegetable garden, Michelle Obama! This is a meal that fuels greatness!” At one point Klepper is joined by Citizen Journalist Tim Baltz to break down the latest news in the Middle East and also provide some encouragement: “You have a healthy glow about you, and I’m lovin’ it.” Does Klepper live through the #MAGAMealChallenge? You’ll have to get through watching the segment yourself to find out.

Jordan Klepper Risks His Life by Eating Trump’s […]