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Serious Film Star Lady Gaga Will Be Credited As Stefani Germanotta in A Star Is Born

Bradley and Stefani. Photo: Neal Preston/Warner Bros. Pictures

We would like to correct a few previous reports made here on Vulture: The upcoming remake of A Star Is Born will not star Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga will not sing in the film. Lady Gaga will not appear on any promotional posters. The film will, however, star Stefani Germanotta. According to People, which has some greasy first-look images of the Bradley Cooper–directed film, the pop star will be credited by her birth name when the movie arrives in theaters on May 18. This is serious cinema, after all, and Bradley, Stefani, and their characters’ matching haircuts demand to be treated as the artists they are!

Lady Gaga Will Star As Stefani Germanotta in A Star Is Born