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Louis C.K. Is Buying Back I Love You, Daddy From Its Distributor

Photo: YouTube

The New York Times published its damning report about Louis C.K. sexually harassing several fellow comedians right before his movie I Love You, Daddy was supposed to premiere. The red carpet was canceled. He backed out of a scheduled late-night appearance, and the movie’s distributor, the Orchard, shelved the project indefinitely. The company paid $5 million for I Love You when it debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival, and now C.K. is buying it back. For the sticker price plus the modest marketing expenses — Deadline estimates them to be between $500,000 and $1 million — C.K. will get back the worldwide rights to his movie. The comedian has self-released a lot of his projects over the years, including the series Horace and Pete, which was made available through his website. There’s no word on C.K.’s plans for I Love You, Daddy. After the Times published the accounts of five women accusing C.K. of sexual misconduct, he confirmed them in a statement saying, “These stories are true.”

Louis C.K. Buying Back I Love You, Daddy From Distributor