it's a christmas miracle!

Merry Christmas From Mindhunter! Here’s Ed Kemper Eating Egg Salad Real Slow

Ah, Christmas Eve. The perfect time to stuff you and your loved ones to the gills with egg salad, and snuggle in to unpack yet another serial killer’s deep-seated psychological dysfunction. Netflix’s Mindhunter knows exactly what you need to stay up for Santa, so enjoy over two minutes of actor Cameron Britton eating an egg-salad sandwich as the infamous Co-Ed Killer. Watch until the surprise at the end! (Spoiler alert: The surprise is he looks you dead in the eyes and you see the void at the center of his being.) Put it on a loop and, boy, there’s your new yule-log video right there!

Merry Mindhunter Christmas! Here’s Ed Kemper Eating Eggs