Netflix Launches Wormwood Podcast to Enable Your True-Crime Addiction

Take notes! Photo: Mark Schafer/Netflix

Prepare to lose all your loved ones this holiday break to the rabbit hole that is Netflix’s latest true crime docuseries Wormwood. In addition to the Errol Morris six-part series (which is about a biologist who believes that his father Frank Olson’s 1953 suicide after the CIA dosed him with LSD in its experimental mind-control program may have actually been an elaborate cover-up), Netflix has announced that they are releasing a companion podcast that launches today. Like Netflix’s previous Making a Murderer podcast, it’ll dig deeper into the unsolved mystery with Morris, who’ll be joined by Eric Olson, conspiracy expert Jon Ronson, and Peter Sarsgaard, who plays Frank in the show’s scripted reenactments. The podcast is available on iTunes in three episodes, giving you three more opportunities to adjust your Reddit theories accordingly.

Netflix Launches Companion Wormwood Podcast