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New Study Confirms There Are Few Female Studio Executives, But You Already Knew That

Photo: FangXiaNuo/Getty Images

There are new numbers in, and as you might suspect, gender parity among Hollywood executives is still a long way off. As calls have gotten louder for greater representation in front of and behind the camera, the heightened volume of discourse has yet to change the complexion of the entertainment industry. In a new study from Variety, the publication asked film and TV studios along with talent agencies and technology companies to submit figures for how many women filled leadership roles in their companies (defined as vice-president level or higher with management responsibilities). Only three film studios contributed data, with Paramount and Sony tying at 45 percent of positions, and Warner Bros. recording 35 percent. TV studios were in better shape, with five of six companies reporting female executive numbers meeting or exceeding 50 percent, while AMC was only at 40 percent. Outside of Hollywood, though, it’s even worse. Tech companies like Twitter and Google and theater groups like Roundabout and The Public Theater barely reached the 30 percent mark for staffing women in high ranking positions, with Netflix as the exception at 48 percent.

New Study Confirms There Are Few Female Studio Executives