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Jada Pinkett Smith on Girls Trip Snub: ‘Tell Me Why Bridesmaids Got a Seat at the Table?’

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for TNT

Girls Trip didn’t receive a single Golden Globe nomination on Monday, and Jada Pinkett Smith is still wondering how the year’s breakout R-rated comedy was snubbed. In a series of tweets earlier this week, Smith slammed the Globes for denying Tiffany Haddish a nomination. Today, she elaborates to Vanity Fair in a new interview. Pinkett Smith says that she and her publicist personally appealed to Hollywood Foreign Press Association members, asking them to see the film. Only two members showed up, Pinkett Smith says, and one left midway through. Later, a member revealed in confidence that there was “low interest” in the film. “Why isn’t there any interest?” Pinkett Smith asked VF. “It’s their responsibility to look at the cinematic landscape … in regards to drama, comedy, and musicals. What is the criteria that would suggest Girls Trip doesn’t deserve a screening — a proper screening?” Then, to put things in perspective, the actress referenced another raunchy R-rated female comedy that got plenty of Golden Globes attention. “Tell me why Bridesmaids got a seat at the table?” Pinkett Smith said she asked the HFPA member that spoke with her. “I feel as though African-American women have to achieve five times as much as anyone else to get even a little bit of something.”

Pinkett Smith: Why Did Bridesmaids Get a Seat at the Table?