Please Enjoy Some of Ana Fabrega’s Perfect ‘Chris Gethard Show’ Pitches

The Chris Gethard Show doesn’t return with new episodes until sometime next year, but truTV released a bonus clip today directed by Matt Porter that highlights comedian and TCGS writer Ana Fabrega, described by Gethard as “a brilliant and misunderstood genius.” So misunderstood, it turns out, that she has enough amazing ideas for the show to turn into a nearly 7-minute video, so her brilliance was at least put to some use on TCGS this year. I’m not sure which part of this video I like more: the idea of Fabrega hosting her own version of TCGS where she plays every role on the show, or watching Gethard try really, really hard to keep himself from laughing while Fabrega runs all her pitches by him. In any case, it’s perfectly fine if Gethard and crew don’t understand Fabrega’s brilliance – they can make it up to her by just letting her run the show next year. Seems like a fair solution?

Please Enjoy Some of Ana Fabrega’s Perfect ‘Chris […]