Samantha Bee Meets La Brigada Feminista, Mexico’s All-Woman Earthquake Rescue Team

Here’s a great segment from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee heads down to Mexico City to meet members of an all-woman rescue team called La Brigada Feminista, who have not only been helping to rebuild the city in the wake of September’s devastating earthquake but risked their lives in their effort to stop police from hastily leveling one site before they had enough time to search for trapped victims. Sounds like an inspiring, newsworthy story, right? Unfortunately, La Brigada Feminista never got much recognition thanks to a completely made-up earthquake victim named Frida Sofia, then Frida the rescue dog, then…okay, they got some recognition in the form of threats, doxxing, and harassment on social media. “Why do men find fake women so much more likable?” Bee asks. “Stupidity is global, Samantha,” one of the Brigade’s members reminds her.

Samantha Bee Meets La Brigada Feminista, Mexico’s […]