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Here Are Our Best Guesses About the Search Party Season-Two Finale

Alia Shawkat dressed in murder red. Photo: TBS

Murdering is scary! The second season of Search Party has come to a close and miraculously managed to balance comedy, homicide, and good prints. Our woman Dory Sief, played by an increasingly distressing Alia Shawkat, is clearly in the middle of a breakdown, murdering her neighbor April after the latter blackmailed her for $100,000. That’s one murder for Dory and one murder for Drew! And while it seemed like she might have taken care of everything, the NYPD swooped in during the final minutes to arrest her for the murder of Keith Powell. How’d they know? “Anonymous tip,” one of the cops says.

The cryptic clue sets us up for the next season: We know that someone ratted Dory out for Keith’s murder and very crucially not the other murder. So why don’t we put on our favorite hat from Brooklyn Flea and try to solve this mystery! Here’s a list of candidates along with betting odds like we’re detectives at a horse track or something.

April: 1,000-to-1
Okay, so in a fit of mania Dory pushed April over the Staten Island Ferry off the upper deck into the water. She’s probably dead! But maybe April is actually a champion open-water swimmer and made it to shore and called the cops! Or maybe she’s dead. She’s probably dead.

Julian: 500-to-1
Yes, Julian is the journalist who was able to cast doubt on Chantal’s pretty shifty story, but he seems pretty wrapped up in the whole sexual-harassment thing.

Chantal: 500-to-1
Chantal is really stupid.

Drew: 100-to-1
All right, now we’re getting to the real possible suspects. Of the foursome, Drew seems lowest on the list of possible candidates, namely because he’s the one who physically did the murdering. Plus, he started sleeping with Dory again, and we all know how orgasms really mess with your sense of judgment.

Eliott: 10-to-1
Elliott is trembling in his pink-velour sweatshirt he is so angry at Dory, but would he actually be the one to snitch? Even though he tells her that “we should all just sort out our own affairs in the event that this is the end,” our suspicion is that he’s more interested in self-preservation than he is in calling attention to the crime. Plus, he’s gonna get gay married!

Portia: 3-to-1
Of the murder squad, Portia is the real loose cannon. Despite her friends’ desperate pleas to keep her out of the crime scene, Portia busted in because of curiosity and became an accomplice. Plus, she wants to be a star, and accessory to murder is a hard one to overcome. Her final words to Dory in the finale are, “There is no we! It’s not like we’re a team for life, Dory,” which indicates that her loyalties are shaky. We smell a rat.

Elijah: 2-to-1
But wait! Just because someone wasn’t there doesn’t mean that they don’t know about the murder. Let’s not forget about Elijah, the Charles Manson–type writing a play about a Charles Manson–type, who strikes us as the likeliest suspect. He already has Portia under his spell and tells her that he’s a ride-or-die. “If you’re in trouble, I want to help you,” he says. “I would die before I betray you.” And then they have passionate sex without kissing! Our guess is that Portia tells him what happened and Elijah says he’s going to take care of it.

Let’s Discuss the Search Party Season-Two Finale